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Explicably Yours

Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2005 -
Apóslâmin ida corbalanyrtne 'lsão rohl'daathiém vá nença iroyssÿrd.

Thanks y'all, for the shouts of joy at my return. I had intended to respond with something more scintillating than a week of silence, but on the day after my last entry, we inexplicably lost our land line phone service. I'm not using the word "inexplicably" carelessly—when I called Verizon (on my formerly-despised-but-now-absolutely-necessary cell phone) the gentleman with whom I finally spoke (after twelve minutes of listening to recorded voices and mind-numbing music) couldn't explain why we had no phone service, but he suggested that the problem was with us. It wasn't. The phone repair guy came out to the house and checked the wires and the boxes and the phones, which all checked out okay, which was good because we didn't have to pay him because it wasn't our fault, but bad because the problem was still inexplicable. Today, while home for lunch, I called the Fiend (who's in Los Angeles until the weekend) and it wasn't until I hung up that I realized I had used the phone in the kitchen. Huh. So I guess Verizon fixed it, whatever "it" was.

Apóslâmin ida corbalanç 'lse nesgla ugaró-cham sa cru ogrulho batãoltha alémvásde.

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